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It’s time for the 2-month long Deck Dive, Hogwarts Legacy, where I try to tackle one of the most difficult-to-run games yet.

CryoUtilities 2:

Undervolting and Overclocking:

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NordVPN Steam Deck Instructions

NordVPN Installation Instructions (this will need to be done again if the OS updates and you don’t use Rwfus):

  1. Download the OpenVPN config from
  2. Run the following commands in Konsole: sudo steamos-readonly disable sudo pacman-key –init sudo pacman-key –populate archlinux sudo pacman -Syu networkmanager-openvpn
  3. Go to the network settings in desktop mode
  4. Press the plus and select import configuration at the very bottom
  5. Select the file you downloaded in step 1
  6. Enter the username and password from your NordVPN account page in the correct sections
  7. Press apply Now, you can activate NordVPN from the network icon in desktop mode and it’ll continue working, even in Game mode!


00:00 - Opening Statement

00:18 - News

01:15 - Testing Methodology

02:52 - Getting a Baseline

03:13 - Identifying a Bottleneck

03:44 - CryoUtilities Results

04:22 - NordVPN Ad Break

05:50 - Test Everything!

07:12 - Finding a New Bottleneck

07:31 - Pinning Low

07:57 - Overclocking Intro and Results

09:39 - Other Things I Tried

09:49 - Presets Intro

10:42 - Battery Saver

11:16 - Smoothest

11:48 - Balanced

12:23 - Prettiest

12:57 - Docked

13:34 - Conclusion